Rolling Stones tribute is "Satisfaction" guaranteed!

Dawnn Behrens
Vancouver Entertainment Examiner

Many have said that Elvis impersonators are a dime a dozen, but every now and then you find a diamond in the rough. Such is the case for Rolling Stones Tribute band "Heart of Stone". HOS debuted at Cascades Casino,Langley last Saturday with not only the 'moves like Jagger' but the total package leaving their audience more than satisfied. The 5 member band is made up of some of Canadian rock music heavy hitters. The all star cast includes Al Harlow (PRISM) as Ronnie Wood, John Cody (BTO /Lee Aaron Band) as Charlie Watts, Elio Martelli (Doug & the Slugs) Keith Richards, Gary Koenig (Big Dave McLean Band) Bill Wyman, and Steve Stone AKA "Mick Believe" as Mick Jagger .

Stones fans were lined up hours before the doors opened to be sure to get the best seats. The show began with the hard hitting "Jumping Jack Flash". The entire cast not only looked like each of the Stones members they captured their iconic vibe. Harlow (Ronnie Wood) even rocked out on an authentic tear drop guitar as a' tip of a hat' to the late Brian Jones. Stone, already a seasoned Mick Jagger Tribute artist brought the rock legend to life, with everything from his voice, his look to his sexy Jagger moves.

Ten time Juno Award nominee singer Lee Aaron was among the guests enjoying the concert. Afterwards she stated  "There are a couple of notable things that set Heart of Stone apart from other imposters: the level of musical excellence , and the uncanny resemblance of each member to the Stones role he is playing." She went on to say "Steve Stone literally becomes Mick Jagger, he struts and pouts and shakes his hips with studied precision." Aaron says she was particularly impressed when Stone "launched into a story about how he wore a particular jacket on the Ed Sullivan show, complete with London accent, for a moment there I was fooled! This is the closest thing you'll get to having a real Stones experience! I've seen the real Stones and I absolutely loved it!"

As the show progressed fans jumped from their seats and gathered around the stage dancing as the band played. Over the course of the hour and half concert HOS covered Rolling Stones classics from "Jumping Jack Flash" to "Painted Black", "Mothers little Helper", "Satisfaction", " Midnight Rambler" with a couple of deep cuts such as "Prodigal son" and Sweet Virginia". Stone as Jagger revved up the female audience so much they were throwing him long stemmed roses, and frantically grabbing at his legs. Martelli as Richards also received numerous cat calls of "Keith!" from the audience throughout the evenings performance.

After a rousing rendition of  "Satisfaction" the band took their bows .The crowd began to clap, and pound on their tables for more "Heart of Stone". The band came back and wowed them with  "Brown Sugar". If this debut show is any indicator, the band should be a success. Who says you can't get no satisfaction? If you are a Rolling Stones, or rock n roll fan I recommend you check out "Heart of Stone".