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Neko Case

Neko Case

I did a couple of things with Neko Case back when I was working with Ray Condo And His Ricochets. We did a live show at the Railway Club in Vancouver as well as playing on the debut broadcast of the CBC Radio show The Early Edition on September 1st, 1997.

That particular date sticks out, as we had played the Bumbershoot festival in Seattle the night before, and had to head straight back to Canada to be on the air at 5:00 in the morning. It was supposed the show’s big kick off, a celebration, but the breaking news was the death of Princess Diana, so instead, it was downright awkward; we were playing our goodtime music while solemn reports and remembrances filled the rest of the show. With little or no sleep, it was a surreal experience. We played a bunch of songs, including a few with Neko. The whole thing was broadcast across Western Canada, but I’ve never been able to track down a copy of the show.

Here’s a shot of Neko with her guitarist, Paul Rigby, a great player and a hilarious guy who I worked with in the band Little Wonder as well as touring together with Lee Aaron.

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